Forms required for your council application:

Qld Government documents….

Form 1 – Application for Compliance Assessment

Form 7 – Notification of Responsible Person

Form 8 – Notice of Compliance On-Site Sewerage Work

These forms can also be downloaded directly from the Qld Government website.

SAMPLES of Form 1 with Section 8 (Disposal of wastewater in unsewered areas) completed for:

Taylex ABS

Nature Flow Mk II

Fuji Clean CE1200

Fuji Clean CE1500EX


Fraser Coast Regional Council documents…

Fees and Charges

On-Site Sewerage Application Form

On-Site Sewerage Facilities Site/Soil Evaluator Compliance Certificate Form

On-Site Sewerage Facility Designer Compliance Statement Form

Information Sheet 3a – Checklist for plumbing applications submitted for unsewered properties

Information Sheet – household sewerage treatment systems sampling program

These forms can also be downloaded directly from the Fraser Coast Regional Council website.

Bundaberg Regional Council documents…

BRC utilise the forms from the Qld Government above.

Request to Commission Treatment Plant

Additional information to assist you in completing the above forms:

CEA Numbers

Chief Executive Approval Numbers are assigned to each approved treatment system. These numbers can be located here by searching under the level of treatment and then looking for the treatment system name and/or manufacturer.

Taylex ABS wastewater treatment system – CEA No 17/2015

Nature Flow Mk II STP – CEA No 26/2015

Fuji Clean CE1200 – CEA No 05/2014 or CE1500EX – CEA No 01/2015

Advanced Enviro-septic (AES) – CEA 14/2014

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