Building a New Home

We can help you with:

• Initial site visit – meeting with clients to assist them in deciding on the right system and the disposal design/preferred location.
• Effluent disposal design and relevant council forms for building a new home.
• Supplying and installing of the treatment plant and disposal area.
• Commissioning and council forms for final. Handover pack for the homeowner.
• Ongoing servicing and maintenance.

We offer a number of options to our clients:

• Supply Only.
• Supply & Install.
• Servicing.
• Repairs/replacement.

We can provide comprehensive pricing for proposed installations including advice on the requirements for risers, retention/diversion mounds, access, disposal garden beds etc.

Our business employs fully qualified staff with the added benefit of owning our own crane truck (so we can deliver and place your treatment tank for you).

We are QBCC licensed, hold our electrical contractors license and have all relevant insurances in place. Our OHS Manual and Hazardous Substances Register are available on request.

To ensure you choose a system which actually adds value to your home rather than causing you future headaches call Brett on 0400 497 166 with any questions you may have.

What information is needed to help make the decision of what waste water system I need?

Homeowners should think about future plans that may include swimming pools, sheds, carports, driveways etc. as these additions will affect the location of their effluent disposal field. Sometimes, even though the block may be considered large, it may be difficult to fit everything the homeowner wants and still comply with the setback requirements.

Setbacks are the mandatory distances that the onsite wastewater treatment systems (tank and/or disposal area) must be from certain objects on the property (and in some instances from neighbouring properties).