All onsite domestic sewerage treatment systems must be serviced  as per the manufacturer’s recommendations and their relevant Local and/or State Approvals.

Most aerated type treatment plants require quarterly servicing while sand filter models only require annual servicing.

Servicing is not optional – it is a mandatory requirement of your Local Authority (council) and MUST be carried out at relevant intervals.

Service agreements cover one year of servicing (ie 4 x services each year for aerated treatment plants) and are available on an annual contract (paid up front – discount applies) or on a pay per service (PPS) contract.

Service contracts are ongoing and are automatically renewed each period unless the owner notifies us in writing that they wish to cancel their contract – 30 days notice required.

1. Quarterly field service inspections will be made by a fully qualified and experienced employee during the twelve month period covered. The following items* will be checked or tested at each quarterly service:


pH level of effluent

Free residual chlorine level

Level of dissolved oxygen

Temperature of effluent

High water level alarms

Low air alarms

Clarity of water


✔ Efficiency of chlorinator

✔ Chlorine tablets.

✔ Efficiency of blower pressure and cleaning of filter.

✔ Backwash EPU where applicable.

✔ Efficiency of sludge and skimmer return systems.

✔ Check irrigation pump is operational.

✔ Condition of irrigation area.

✔ Electrical compartment is in good condition.

✔ Condition of all hoses and irrigation sprays.

*ANNUAL check and test only:  Amount of sludge accumulation in the septic chamber. (De-sludging is NOT included.)


2. Both labour and materials will be charged for any emergency service call outside the four calls specified above. This annual servicing agreement does NOT include the maintenance of the irrigation area or repairs to any part of the treatment system or the pumps. All repairs are on a strictly C.O.D. basis.  This agreement does not bind Coastal Wastewater Specialists or it’s duly appointed agent to be responsible for the quality of the effluent. However, it will at all times, wherever possible, recommend how the effluent quality can be maintained at its maximum and alter and adjust the system during these regular visits in an endeavour to obtain the best possible effluent standards.


3. In applying for this agreement, the undersigned acknowledges that this Agreement is binding while they are the owner/occupier of the premises. Coastal Wastewater Specialists will transfer the unexpired portion of this contract to any new owner/occupier to comply with the relevant health legislation.

4. On completion of each service you will receive a copy of the service report and another copy will be sent to your local council for their records.  This is a local authority (Council) requirement.


Please ensure you provide your full contact details – where available we require a mobile phone number so that we can SMS advice of service day and an email for correspondence.  We also need to know if there are dogs on the property, locked gates or if the property is tenanted or any other aspect that may prevent access to your property for servicing.


Refer to your Owners Manual in the first instance.  We also have a number of information sheets to assist you with looking after your wastewater treatment system available here.

Contact us for further information.


Emergency call-outs please contact Brett on 4128 8019

Treatment Plant Servicing