Nature Flow

The Nature Flow® Mk II Sewerage Treatment System is an environment friendly, efficient and effective system for treating all your grey and black water. Homeowners can effectively use their water twice – once in the home and then again for watering their lawns and gardens through above ground irrigation (subject to local authority requirements).

The Nature Flow® Mk II STP is a large system, rated at 10 to 20 persons. It consists of a large concrete treatment tank, large media filter, your choice of disinfection method – either a dial-up chlorinator or patented self-cleaning ultra violet technology and standard dispersal field. This system is economical with only one service per year and low running costs. It can withstand long periods of non-use such as holidays etc without requiring costly reactivation. Effluent is treated to a very high standard and is clear and odourless*.


The Benefits:

  • Media Filter System – only one service a year not four.

  • Low running costs – no noisy blowers or aerators.

  • Low electricity usage.

  • Quiet – no smell.*

  • Chemical Free (UV model)

  • Environment aware