Pre-Purchase Inspections


We are often asked by people looking at buying a particular property or by new homeowners to inspect and provide information on the type/condition of the wastewater treatment system.

This specific area is largely excluded from standard pest and building inspections. To assist our customers we have extended our services to cover this activity. To enable us to carry out this type of work to best practice we have extended our professional indemnity insurance and with legal advice developed a suitable “Disclaimer“.

Our inspection/report will be limited in extent – from the inlet at the wastewater tank through to the outlet to effluent disposal. The effluent disposal method/field will also be inspected (where identifiable). This is a visual inspection only.

To book in a pre-purchase inspection please contact Brett on 4128 8019 or via email.


Our Disclaimer:

No liability shall be accepted by Coastal Wastewater Specialists, or any of its agents or assigns, on account of any failure of this Report to notify YOU (the prospective purchaser) in respect to any issues in any area(s) of the treatment plant and disposal area, which may prove inaccessible at the time of inspection. You to hold Coastal Wastewater Specialists harmless in the case of any claim for damages by the seller in the case of a failed sale that is a consequence as a result of this report.

While Coastal Wastewater Specialists will use its best skill, care and attention when preparing this report it offers no warranty in respect to its contents. This report will be limited to the following:

  • A visual inspection of those areas of the treatment plant that are accessible ie. the inlet of the primary tank to the outlet of the disposal chamber, including the disinfection unit (if any) and the disposal area;

  • Identification of the type of treatment plant (where possible) and disposal method (where possible);

  • A general overview in relation to the condition of the plant; and

  • Recommendations for repairs/improvements that may be required as a result of the visual inspection carried out by Coastal Wastewater Specialists.


This report will not cover extend to any further inspection of any other plumbing or drainage areas at the subject property, and Coastal Wastewater Specialists accepts no liability in respect to any representations made in regards to these areas.

Further, no liability shall be accepted by the Inspectors in relation to the future decisions made by the prospective buyer in reliance on the content in this report.

This report is produced by Coastal Wastewater Specialists solely for the use and benefit of you as the prospective purchaser. Any third party who chooses to act or rely on this report, does so at their own risk. No liability will be accepted by Coastal Wastewater Specialists to any third party who relies on the report.

To book in a pre-purchase inspection please contact Brett on 4128 8019 or via email.